We translate for your


Do you want to initiate an advertising campaign for a product launch in Switzerland's national languages or in English? Does your product sell like hot cakes in one linguistic part of Switzerland, but sales are still hesitant in other parts of the country?
Then a translation of your campaign or website is the ideal solution!ie.

The translation of your text is not the only service you get from us. While translating, we compile your very own translation memory, thereby safeguarding your corporate identity. The fact that our translators translate into their mother tongue is a matter of course for us.
We are at your side from the quotation to the delivery of your order. Do you want an all-round service for everything – choose Estelle Ouhassi's Alfatranslations.

We copywrite for you

Linguistic Consulting

It‘s a pleasure to read a well written text but a real adventure to write one on one's own. We assist you with the creation and copywriting of your text contents.

Do you have in mind to convince your clients by telling them an awesome story created around your products? Or do you have the courage to break ranks and be different from your competitors? Perhaps you aim to gain more customers thanks to fresh web content and new multimedia projects? Or are you tired of always displaying the same advertising messages?
Then the time has come to contact us at Estelle Ouhassi’s Alfatranslations and benefit from a free offer. We are pleased to have the opportunity to take charge of your communication projects.

We copyedit for you


In your daily life, you may often face doubts like: do my readers understand me? or have I exposed myself to Helvetisms and other linguistic pitfalls?

Copyediting checks the structure, wording and linguistic inadequacies of a text or a translation. The text is checked for linguistic weaknesses. The text or the translation is then revised and reformulated accordingly. The focus is less on grammatical and spelling errors that are of course corrected as well. Proofreading can in some ways be understood as a rewriting and is quite time-consuming because the core message and the subtle nuances and messages between the lines are captured by the copyeditor and may need to be reworded.

We proofread for you


You often write texts professionally or privately. Translations are also part of your job. However, do you often hesitate to send them to your recipients? Do you doubt that the messages are understandable? Or perhaps grammatical or spelling inconsistencies are interfering with the reading of your text? If such questions worry you, then proofreading could be just the service you require.

Proofreading involves checking the spelling, punctuation and grammar of a text or translation. The message of the text is not formulated more effectively after this revision, but it is free of errors and thus easier to read as well as being free of inconsistencies that would burden the reading flow. The reader can be reached more effectively with less effort.

We localize for you

Unternehmenskommunikation mit Estelle Ouhassi's Alfatranslations

We localize your texts to the regional linguistic nuances. Localization is the linguistic adaptation of a text to a specific language region. We know from our own experience that a German-language text from Germany or Switzerland has linguistic differences and its editorial origin can be easily determined.

However, depending on the intended use, it may not be desirable. If a text is intended to appeal exclusively to Swiss customers and emphasize its local roots, localization is a useful adaptation. It is not very complex and gives the text the necessary quality and characteristics. Do not hesitate to contact us for a non-binding offer. We will be very glad to give you competent advice.

We postedit for you


We breathe life into your machine-translated texts. Post-Editing in the technical language of translation means the post-processing of machine-translated texts. The texts are checked by a professional translator and, where necessary, adapted. Post-editing is therefore less time-consuming and less expensive than a human translation.

A prerequisite, however, is that the machine translation already meets a certain minimum requirement, otherwise the post-editing effort is equivalent to a translation. Do not hesitate to contact us for a non-binding offer. We will be very glad to give you competent advice.