We assist you throughout your communication projects

Mit Alfatranslations begleitet

We are your professional language service provider in Switzerland, from copywriting to translation services, for all types of communication projects in English, German, French and Italian.

As your personal language expert we will accompany you throughout your project, paying attention to all its nuances and peculiarities, from the initial briefing right through to its realization in the desired language.

Six linguistic services to hand from copywriting to translations

Post Editing

As your competent and discreet partner, we translate, localize, edit, proofread, revise and establish all possible types of text, from narrative storytelling to factual business reports, enabling you to simply concentrate on your core business.

Needless to say, we strictly work in our mother tongues applying the Four eyes principle. We do not just write about perfection on our website, we also write perfection into your communication.

Choose to be identifiable through a consistent and coherent terminology


Successful companies are aware that corporate language is a crucial part of corporate identity. Your company enjoys recognition through its use of a uniform corporate language. This recognition generates trust in your brand and your products.

Our aim is to support you beyond the language barriers. To ensure adherence to the Corporate Wording, we work with computer-aided software. This allows us to guarantee your company's own terminology throughout all your projects.

For your institutional communication delivered with linguistic finesse

Sprachnuancen erkennen

We translate and copywrite for you with sensitivity to linguistic nuances. A comprehensible and clear communication results in the best customer solutions and lends your communication the meaning that you wish to convey, both in your mother tongue and in a foreign language.

This sensitivity to linguistic nuances stems simply from our common aim to achieve a good communication and mutual understanding between people and to give no opportunity to language barriers.