In your daily life, you may often face doubts like: do my readers understand me? or have I exposed myself to Helvetisms and other linguistic pitfalls?

Copyediting checks the structure, wording and linguistic inadequacies of a text or a translation. The text is checked for linguistic weaknesses. The text or the translation is then revised and reformulated accordingly. The focus is less on grammatical and spelling errors that are of course corrected as well. Proofreading can in some ways be understood as a rewriting and is quite time-consuming because the core message and the subtle nuances and messages between the lines are captured by the copyeditor and may need to be reworded.

Depending on your document you may choose from the following correction methods:

  We correct your text directly in the document.

  We correct your text using the tracking function.

  We correct your text by inserting comments into your document.

  We correct your text with handwritten comments in your document.

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